Tools for patients & caregivers

These practical materials can help you understand, manage and prevent hypoglycaemia—either in yourself or in other people in your care. Feel free to share these materials with others involved in caring for people with diabetes.

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Brochures and Infographics

Tip sheet for managing low blood sugar in children (also available in Spanish)

Eli Lilly 2022

What is your rescue plan?

Diabetes Canada & Eli Lilly Canada

2023 ADA Standards of Care

ADA 2023

15-15 Rule

ADA 2023

How high is your risk for severe hypoglycaemia?

International Hypoglycaemia Study Group (IHSG) 2018

Understanding hypoglycaemia

American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) 2014

Managing and preventing hypoglycaemia

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) 2013

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Media and Training Tools

Hypoglycaemia: Recognizing and managing low blood sugar

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Canada

Action plan [for teachers]

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Video: “Safe at school”

American Diabetes Association (ADA)

Glucagon emergency administration [for school personnel]

American Diabetes Association (ADA)

Video: How to give a glucagon injection [for care providers]

National Health Service (NHS) UK

Diabetic Hypoglycaemia: New Thinking, Net Tools

EASD Symposium 2017

  • Presentation from the IHSG symposium at the EASD in Lisbon, Portugal on 14 September.

Diabetic Hypoglycaemia: Questions and Controversies

International Hypoglycaemia Study Group (IHSG) 2016

  • The IHSG symposium presentation from the 9th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications in Atlanta, USA

Hypoglycaemia Expert Meeting

International Hypoglycaemia Study Group (IHSG) 2015

  • Presentation from the IHSG event at the 2015 IDF World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver, Canada

Current Developments in Diabetic Hypoglycaemia

International Hypoglycaemia Study Group (IHSG) 2014

  • Slides presented by the IHSG at a symposium at the 50th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Vienna, Austria