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First comes knowledge

2019-03-23T18:38:20+00:00Advanced Type 2, Hypoglycaemia Assessment, Patient education, Type 1 Diabetes|

By: Belinda Childs |Date: 21 March 2019| Categories: Patient Education, Advanced Type 2, Type 1 Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia Assessment
Reducing the risk of hypoglycaemia is a multifaceted challenge. For starters, health providers need to understand which behaviours raise and decrease the risk, so they can communicate this information to individuals with diabetes and the people who care for them.

Connecting hypoglycemia and CVD risk

2019-02-01T20:20:28+00:00Cardiovascular Disease, CV Risk, Severe hypoglycaemia|

By: Dr. Lawrence Leiter |Date: 31 January 2019| Categories: Cardiovascular Disease, CV Risk, Severe Hypoglycaemia
Patients with diabetes remain at greatly increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Hypoglycemia from glucose-lowering medications, especially if severe, compounds the risk. While totally eliminating all diabetes-related hypoglycemia may be an overly ambitious goal, we could be doing more to reduce its occurrence.