Understanding Diabetic Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia in diabetes is a complication of treatment that adds significantly to the challenge of managing the disease. This section explains how it arises and how it affects patients, and offers strategies to mitigate the risk.

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Statements and Guidelines

The science of hypoglycaemia prevention and management is constantly evolving. This regularly updated list of key guidelines and position statements will keep you informed about best practices.

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Upcoming Events

Join in the conversation by attending diabetes conferences and symposia on hypoglycaemia. You’ll find a list of key events in this section.

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Practice Tools for Healthcare Professionals

Discussing hypoglycaemia with patients can be a time-consuming challenge. The clinical tools in this section can facilitate the conversation. Also listed here are resources to help you deepen your own understanding.

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Impaired Awareness

Over time, people with diabetes often lose their ability to perceive hypoglycaemia symptoms. This section explains what triggers the loss—and how awareness can be restored.

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